Dueep Jyot Singh
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02 Jan 2016

Looking for a The Art of Rug Making - Learning How to Make Rugs book? Interesting ... It looks like this book is on our website The Art of Rug Making - Learning How to Make Rugs PDF - reading online is now so easy!

Table of Contents Introduction Tools Required Latch Rug Hooking Frames Precut wool Locker Needle Hooking Pile Rug Making Rugs with Rug Guns Punching needles and other tools Rug Weaving Rag Rugs with Recycled Scraps Using a Shaggy Rug Tool Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction I was just browsing through my own personal library, looking at all the vintage craft books, but I did not find a book with instructions on how to make rugs. I could make Victorian crochet doilies, knitted mittens, scarfs, some articles of clothing called fascinators, and even socks and knickerbockers, but what about rugs? It is only later that I found out that according to the Victorians rug making was not considered to be a genteel occupation, which could be indulged in by the daughters and wives of gentlemen. These languishing ladies would sit in front of the embroidery frame, plying a needle, while dining of strawberries and cream, no doubt, while rug making was done by people of lower social strata. Nevertheless, we are fortunate that we have stopped thinking of such idiotic considerations in order to make rugs. So this book is going to tell you all about the art of rug making, and you are going to let your creativity loose in making these amazingly beautiful items for your home.

Shirred rug making is an American art that uses a special needle to crochét fabulous carpets from fabric scraps. Easier and faster than hooking or braiding, Shirret produces sturdy, soft and colorful carpets from wool or cotton recycled clothing or new fabric.